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Mexican Cuisine

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It’s now possible to find a real taqueria in the heart on the North Shore thanks to Tacochon, a restaurant specialising in mexican cuisine.

A real taste of
mexican cuisine

We serve delicious Mexican food for lunch and dinner every day of the week.

Come and enjoy our delicious tacos, quesadillas, and burritos. We also have a variety of appetizers and drinks.

In order to serve you Mexican dishes that are as delicious as they are hearty, we only work with fresh, quality ingredients. We don't serve frozen dishes and we prepare our menus on a daily basis.

Mexican Cuisine Laval

Discover the true taste of Mexican cuisine in our authentic taqueria.

What our Mexican Taqueria offers
  • Takeaway mexican food
  • Authentic mexican tacos
  • Mexican burritos
  • Mexican dishes
Our Benefits
  • Freshness of our meals
  • Value for money
  • Tasty cuisine
  • Warm atmosphere
Serving Area

We’re based in Laval and offer a delivery service on the North Shore of Montreal (Saint-Martin…)

Meals on site,
delivery or take-out

Guided by our passion for Mexican gastronomy, we strive to serve quality cuisine at affordable prices each and every day.

As we have been cooking for nearly 15 years, we put all our know-how to work to make you discover the staples of Mexican gastronomy.

All dishes are authentic and entirely homemade. They are available on site, to take away or for delivery.

We deliver on the North Shore of Montreal (Laval, Saint-Martin...).

We cook all the typical specialties of Mexican gastronomy.

Mexican Cuisine Saint Martin

Order online and take advantage of our home delivery service.

Stay comfortably at home, or wherever you are, and receive our delicious Mexican dishes right at your door.